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OUAT’s ‘Smash the Mirror’ was directed by Eagle Egilsson and Ralph Hemecker. Writers were David H. Goodman and Jerome Schwartz.

In past Arendelle, The Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) continues to cause havoc in the lives of Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Anna (Elizabeth Lail). Do Grand Pabbie (John Rhys-Davies) and the Rock Trolls make house calls?

In SB, Regina (Lana Parrilla) tells Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) about Operation Mongoose. He in turn recruits Knave (Michael Socha). Maybe the Author of the Henry’s (Jared S. Gilmore) storybook will help them with their Snow Queen quandary.

The good: LOVE the outfit the SQ wore on horseback. BFF Emma and Elsa. Will a newly discovered portal, magic beans or something else allow them to visit each other and keep in touch? Want to see The Savior explore Arendelle. That’s one of many realms where she hasn’t got into trouble yet. We wouldn’t want her to break tradition.

The loft is really crowded. Will Emma and Henry move into the farmhouse where Rumple was kept? Or Mama Bear Snow, Charming and the little one move into Johanna’s presumably still empty house? The extended Charming clan can keep the loft as a second home/ hangout while in town/guest house.

Regina and Snowing’s conversation about Emma. Mama Bear Snow telling Regina not to lose hope. Emma being so troubled she asks Rumple for advice. He gives it to her with no strings attached. She can always owe him later.

The sexy grandpas need to give Henry accelerated Knight training and teach him magic. He can also learn a wide variety of skills from Red, Sassy Granny and everyone else. That way the Truest Believer can be prepared for whatever’s next. Storybrooke seems to be nexus point for chaos.

Swoon worthy: Hands out Emmys. The entire cast knocked it out the park. Many people were put through the wringer emotionally. So much happened and it’s not even the mid season finale.

Best lines: You always think that pulling away from people will fix your problems but it never does. Hands off! That’s me lunch and dinner. Tell that to the author because he seems to have made it a rule that villains don’t get happy endings even if they change even if they try to be good. Surprise! Why would a cat want a hat? I’ve seen stranger. Happy endings can take a long time but they do happen.

The bad: All the mind games Ingrid is playing with Emma and Elsa. Both ladies doubt themselves so much they can’t think straight and are hyper sensitive to comments made about their abilities. Runaway emotions make their powers wonka. Why go through the elaborate misdirection in the first place? What’s The SQ’s end game? More importantly, can she be stopped?

The ugly: How can the heroes gain the upper hand when they don’t know what to look for? Does Rumple have a clue or is he simply not telling the others what he knows? Either way, they’re in trouble.