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OUAT’s ‘The Snow Queen’ was directed by Billy Gierhart. Writers were Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

In past Arendelle, Young Ingrid (Elizabeth Mitchell) hates having magic. She’s kept herself isolated from her subjects. The only people she allowed around her are her two sisters. She’s lived her whole life in constant fear that one day she’ll lose what little control she has and accidently kill someone.

That’s the reason she’s thinking of stepping down and giving the crown to middle sister Young Helga (Sally Pressman). The baby of the family Young Gerda (Pascale Hutton) would keep the new Queen company. The sibs manage to talk her out of it and decide to pay Rumple (Robert Carlyle) a visit.

In SB, Cinderella aka Ashley (Jessy Schram) holds the First Mom’s Club for new mothers at her home. Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger) and Mama Bear Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) attend their first meeting. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) might be a tad jealous baby bro Neal is getting all the stuff she never got.

After weeks of successfully avoiding him, Knave (Michael Socha) accidently runs into Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) at Granny’s. They finally bury the hatchet about Will Scarlet betraying him and the Merry Men. Knave even gives his former boss a pep talk. He shouldn’t give up on Marian (Christie Laing) no matter what. Cue the guilty conscience.

The objective of Operation Mongoose is discovering the author of Henry’s (Jared S. Gilmore) storybook. Regina (Lana Parrilla) keeps herself isolated while focused on this task. Robin’s visits are an unwanted distraction.

The good: Ingrid has already lived Emma & Elsa’s lives. So she wasn’t lying when she said people would turn on them out of fear. She wanted both to avoid all the cruelty she suffered. The Snow Queen really was trying to help in her own twisted way. The little cutie dressed up as Mickey Mouse. It seems The Imp can be moved by flattery. The audience sees the exact moment when Ingrid snapped. How much longer until Elsa gets her memories back?

Swoon worthy: Elizabeth Mitchell went through every range of emotion as The Snow Queen. This was the episode where Oncers stopped being on the fence about Ingrid. They like her. They still don’t trust her but they like her.

Best lines: It’s hard when they look at you differently isn’t it? I dare not touch that devil box. I won’t make that mistake twice. Now if you need help getting him to sleep just tell him he’s gonna turn into a pumpkin by midnight. You got me. Well look at you all dressed up. What’s the occasion? I’m getting married. You were tearing through the book with your scary face on. Weaselton.

The bad: Snow suddenly being uncomfortable with Emma having abilities? She grew up in The Enchanted Forest where magic was everywhere. Are all the Dukes of Weselton jerks?

The ugly: Raise your hand if you’re worried Elizabeth Mitchell will get pneumonia due to all of those plunging necklines.