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OUAT’s ‘Family Business’ was directed by Mario Van Peebles. Writers were Kalinda Vazquez and Andrew Chambliss.

In past FTL, A traumatic event causes Belle (Emilie de Ravin) to completely repress the memory. Her dad Maurice (Eric Keenleyside) is reluctant to fill in the blanks. For fear it will create more suffering and mental anguish. Belle is determined to learn the truth. A little detective work points her in what she hopes is the right direction. Somewhere in Arendelle is the answer she seeks.

In past Arendelle, Anna (Elizabeth Lail) returns home from her grim adventures in Misthaven aka Enchanted Forest. She knows why their parent’s undertook the journey but withholds the truth from Elsa (Georgina Haig). Her sister on the hand has news to share. Their guest The Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) is their previously long thought to be dead Aunt Ingrid.

In SB, The SQ finds the heroes meddling tiresome. So she throws a distraction in their path by freezing Marian (Christie Laing). It worked but True Love’s Kiss by Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) didn’t. The desperate thief makes a very awkward request. He asks Regina (Lana Parrilla) to save her life. Will she do it and can she reverse the spell?

Despite being half of CaptainSwan, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is freaking out a bit. Her powers are going haywire and The SQ appears to be stalking her. Regina is still upset with her for bring Marian back. She’s hesitant to ask Rumple (Robert Carlyle) for help. Despite Belle’s reassurances he’s changed. She’s afraid of what he may ask for this time as his price.

Regina is keeping her part in Operation Mongoose with Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) a secret. The only thing everyone knows for sure is that she’s taking an extended leave. She keeps her interactions with others to a minimum unless there’s an emergency.

The good: Love The Snow Queen’s wardrobe. Belle asking for directions at Oaken’s shop. Love Belle’s dagger scarf. Rumple and Belle being treated as equals and included in every meeting held by the Charming clan. Maurice is so enjoyable when he isn’t having his daughter kidnapped.

Swoon worthy: A Belle centric episode. Will bada$$ Belle be making an appearance soon?

Best lines: And because I’m a good judge of character. Yeah, says the girl who agreed to marry Hans ten minutes after you started talking to him. It’s bad enough I’m stuck with you and Captain Guy-Liner making eyes at each other. Sometimes the answer isn’t what you want. Some secrets are better left buried. Well spend a little more time in this town love you’ll realize just about everyone’s related.

The bad: The brief appearance by Belle’s Mom. What’s up with The SQ following Emma? Does Belle go hiking in heels too?

The ugly: Too little of Belle’s life before Rumple. How about her “courtship” with Gaston? Show details of her trip abroad to when she eventually befriended Grumpy. Before she took another trip to the Far East and met Mulan.