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OUAT’s ‘The Apprentice’ was directed by Ralph Hemecker. Writers were Andrew Chambliss and Dana Horgan.

In past FTL, Anna’s (Elizabeth Lail) trip to see David (Josh Dallas) wasn’t a complete wipe out. His mom Ruth (Gabrielle Rose) knew someone who could help her. She was afraid to say his name aloud. But she did write it down on a slip of paper.

In SB, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) shocks Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) by asking him out on their first official date. He wants so much to impress her that he does the unthinkable. He asks Rumple (Robert Carlyle) for his severed hand back. Guess he forgot magic comes with a price. What will The Dark One want in return?

Rumple has a lot to answer for. He started his marriage to Belle (Emilie de Ravin) with a lie. Now he’s keeping another batch of secrets. At their undisclosed honeymoon location, there was an object he recognized. What is the item he’s coveting? And how will his acquiring said object affect everyone else?

The good: OUAT’s take on Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Fantasia. That was originally inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Der Zauberlehrling? Who is Once’s version of Yen Sid? Did you catch the altered version of Paul Dukas’ The Sorcerer’s Apprentice? Love the nods to Dirty Dancing plus The Lady and The Tramp.

Loved the awesome surprise guest appearance. How do we like our Rumple? Nice and tame sounds boring. The lying, manipulative, unpredictable, insane and sarcastic Imp from season one, yes please. Dearies and Rumbelle fans around the world fell in love with him. He had us at that infamous cackle in the pilot.

Lionel Luthor played by John Glover was Smallville’s magnificent bastard. Mr. Gold aka The Dark One is Once Upon A Time’s. If the 300 year old mage must change make him an anti-hero that’s all altitude. He turned long term planning into an art form. Will we ever learn more about the previous Dark One’s? How did the whole thing get started anyway? Did the Dagger beget the Curse?

Snowing’s reaction to Emma’s date then staying up until she came home. Daddy Charming still isn’t thrilled with the idea of his first born dating a pirate. What does Knave do when he isn’t trying to avoid running into CaptainSwan?

Swoon worthy: Robert Carlyle was on fire in this Rumple centric episode. More please.

Best lines: Your daughter couldn’t be in better hands. That’s exactly what worries me especially now that you have two of them. Is there something wrong with your skin? It would seem when one needs answers I’m the place to go. The Dark One lies. The Dark One plays tricks. Library? Is that what that place was? I thought it was a poorly stocked pub.

The bad: Anna told Rumple she’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish her secret mission. Hook made the mistake of threatening Rumple. Henry goes undercover for Operation Mongoose.

The ugly: Did Anna get on Rumple’s bad side?