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OUAT’s ‘White Out’ was directed by Ron Underwood. Writer was Jane Espenson.

In past FTL, Anna (Elizabeth Lail) aka Joan makes her way to a friend of Kristoff’s (Scott Michael Foster). Someone who may been to Arendelle, David (Josh Dallas).

In SB, Elsa (Georgina Haig) believes the locals are holding her sister captive. The Snow Queen vows to make everyone suffer until she’s free and they’re reunited.

The good: Because of RC, how about nods to Stargate? Somehow they create a permanent gateway to FTL in the woods. A town called Sherwood, policed by Robin and crew, is built around it. SB citizens use the portal go on weekend trips for camping, quests or ogre slaying. Adults keep their masonry, black smithy or other skills sharp. The time can also double as internships.

Sherwood acts as a transition point for FTL characters that have never been to our world. Archie has an office because they’ll need a psychotherapist. Blue Superior and the nuns provide magical back up. Team 8 has axe support covered. The town is populated by a revolving door of SB volunteers. (For cast interactions we’d never otherwise see and characters telling us what’s going on in their lives.)

The town has something like Kinos for their 24/7/365 monitoring service. A SB warehouse is their Cheyenne Mountain & Customs. Raise your hand if you can see Rumple turning people into snails for asking why is he taking this trip or if he brought anything back.

Team 8 works here too. Inside there’s another permanent gateway that opens just outside Sherwood. Just in case people need to sneak in unnoticed or emergency evacs. Really want this so they can return to FTL, rebuild Snowing’s castle and restore order. Snowing can rule multiple kingdoms.

Keep Emma true to herself. Princess Emma isn’t sitting around eating bon bons all day. The Savior is a leather clad Knight. Want to see her strap on armor, grab her sword and go medieval on the enemy. Even if the so called enemy is boredom. Henry can be her squire. Hook will be at home as their spymaster. Emma relaxes in either her street clothes or any one of her colorful leather dresses.

Still want actors from Merlin & Sanctuary. Still want Camelot storyline with dueling Lancelots. Sinqua Walls and Santiago Cabrera duke it out as former friends turned enemies. Need an ongoing battle of the snark between Robert Carlyle and Jonathon Young. Plus there’s an ocean of Stargate actors to tap into.

Swoon worthy: Seeing the man David becomes.

Best Lines: Hard to be on a secret mission when you don’t have all the facts. I’ll see you in three hours for your midnight shrieking. What do you suppose babies dream about? Bull fighting. Laser tag. I’m not sure handcrafted Tuscan wood carvings are really going to save the day. It appears our honeymoon is over.

The bad: Not enough Rumbelle.

The ugly: Bring back bada$$ Belle because Rumple needs a firm hand. That came out wrong. Rumple needs to be disciplined… Signing off now.