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Hannibal’s ‘Ko No Mono’ was directed by David Slade. Writers were Jeff Vlaming, Andy Black and Bryan Fuller.

Freddie Lounds (Lara Jean Chorostecki) goes down in flames. No more rudeness from our favorite stalkerazzi. Who killed the brash ginger? She had many enemies. Death wasn’t the final insult. Someone put her body in a wheel chair, set it on fire then rolled her down the parking garage of Tattle Crime. She came to a stop at her reserved parking space. Even in death, she arrives on time for work.

Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne), Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), Jimmy Price (Scott Thompson) and Brian Zeller (Aaron Abrams) gather round to disrespect the deceased. They voice fire related puns and cracks about Lounds inserting herself into her stories. She wanted the elusive recognition and respect given to her peers.

Margot Verger (Katharine Isabelle) used Will. Dad said only a legitimate male heir will inherit. She tells Hannibal and Will she’s expecting. Will thought she wanted a relationship. Hannibal knew she wanted a child but not the method. She’s not opposed to Will being the father.

“Is there something wrong with you?” Does Mason Verger (Michael Pitt) hear that in his sleep? He tells a child he’s being taken from his foster family. Spinning the elaborate tale to add a tear soaked patch to his next martini.

Dr. Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas) interrupts Will’s Lounds related nightmare to interrogate him. She wants a confession. He reminds her no-one believed him about Hannibal. No-one will believe her. Will forgave others for treating him like a criminal but not Alana. She gave up on him then slept with the enemy.

The good: When you see the iconic image, you’re like “Sweet Dreams are made of this”. The real question is who gets Lounds’ parking space? Willdigo. Food porn. Hannibal considers Will his equal. They sit across from each other at the dining table. He waits until Will takes the first bite to eat.

Best lines: Incendiary journalism. I’m not opposed to a male influence. As long as it’s not my brother. He’s not good with children. I think that’s the wrong answer to tell somebody who is already wondering what you’re capable of. I got the doctor involved in something unethical so he’d cut me some slack. I’m just trying to survive this generation. You’re lying to each other and they’re lying to you.

The bad: Hannibal can’t believe people haven’t tried to kill Mason. There are several moments when he wants to murder him during his sessions. Only two things are stopping him. The cleaning bill and a plausible explanation for Jack. Tobias Budge (Demore Barnes) tried to kill him in his office. What motivation would Mason have?

The ugly: Will’s nightmare is him emerging from a blackravenstag. Stagman is a proud poppa as he watches Willdigo’s birth. Willdigo screams upon entry into the world. It took Alana believing Will killed Lounds to get her back into the field.