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OUAT’s ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ was directed by Mario Van Peebles. Writer was Andrew Chambliss.

In past Oz, a woodcutter (Adrian Hough) and his wife (Maria Marlow) find abandoned baby Zelena. The little one uses her abilities to prevent a large branch from falling upon them. Only the man witnesses it. He wants to leave Zelena behind because he fears her magic. New mom refuses she’s theirs.

Decades pass before Young Zelena (Rebecca Mader) learns the truth. Mother is gone. Dad states he never wanted her because she was wicked. She’s the reason he turned to drink. Unburdened he doesn’t have to spare her feelings any longer. He expects her to continue waiting on him hand on foot.

She decides to leave and never return. The Wizard of Oz will find her a family that loves her for herself. In pre-curse FTL, Rumple (Robert Carlyle) is surprised to learn about Young Zelena’s existence. She’s the most powerful sorceress he’s ever met.

In present SB, tragedy strikes and the whole town mourns. Tink (Rose McIver) tries to talk sense into Regina (Lana Parrilla). The green fairy saw the owner of the lion tattoo Robin Hood (Sean Maguire). And asks the Evil Queen why she hasn’t acted on that information. But Regina blows off Tink. Again.

How much of a psychopath is Zelena? She shows up at the wake. She’s the reason everyone is gathered together. In her mind she holds a place of honor. The grand event (death) happened because of her. She issues a Wicked vs Evil challenge at Granny’s Dinner. Dueling wands at sundown. Fail to appear and she’ll let Rumple off his leash to kill people.

The good: Called it in OUAT Fan Theory: Wicked Witch of the West. Zelena has daddy issues. Young Zelena was hurt because dad treated her as his dirty little secret. Young Cora was indifferent. Rumplestiltskin told her Regina was important. Cora did whatever was necessary to secure Young Regina’s future.

If she accumulated enough power and made a name for herself then mom would love her. Young Zelena sought out the Dark One. The most powerful mage in all the realms was handsome, exciting and unpredictable. Young Zelena was desperate for his approval. Romance was the last thing on his mind. Maybe he was tired of her being too clingy.

Best lines: Well, Hello Dearie. Appears someone’s got an inflated sense of self-worth. Didn’t anyone tell you? Black is my color. The thing you love most is me. Well look it’s okay. I have that effect on women. You might want to get that checked out.

Sassy Granny, Team 5 or 6, Tink and Blue Superior! Land of Oz, the Wizard, his castle and magic slippers.

The bad: Zelena wants everything Regina has. As if wearing the Evil Queen’s wardrobe and jewelry wasn’t enough. She steals her lines from the pilot. There’s more afoot. Which fan theories and rumors are true and false?

The ugly: The reason Wicked is collecting those special ingredients.