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Originally posted 9-2-2013 by myself on Examiner.com

OUAT’s ‘And Straight On ‘til Morning’ was directed by Dean White. Writers were Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

In Neverland, Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) crew rescue Young Baelfire (Dylan Schmid). Smee (Christopher Gauthier) wants him to join the Jolly Roger. Hook’s torn between welcoming him as new mate and getting his revenge. When Young Bae says his name Hook and Smee immediately know who his parents are. Does Hook have any remorse for destroying their family?

Why are The Lost Boys stealing others for Peter Pan? What does he want with them? Who taught Hook the magic he’d use later? Did he meet that person or creature in Neverland? How long was the Jolly Roger there?

In SB, Hook learned Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Greg’s (Ethan Embry) endgame and had a decision to make. Do nothing and allow the town to be obliterated. Escape knowing Rumple (Robert Carlyle) will be killed. Help the others stop the evil couple.

The good: Appointing Sassy Granny as Henry’s protection detail. Robert Carlyle’s acting as he expressed Rumple’s grief. Charming and Snow gave shelter to the recovering Regina. Hook and Young Bae could’ve had a father son relationship. Hook can change to be a better version of himself. Emma calls the rents Mom and Dad.

Team 7 is back! Grumpy has the cure for Lacey. RumBelle and the chipped cup are back. Can the failsafe be stopped? Will the dysfunctional extended Charming clan ever become a real family? Would Rumple and Regina have an equal say in everything? Will Regina abandon her Evil Queen status and stay on the side of angels? Is there any chance Bae might still be alive?

The bad: Young Bae told Hook everything about his parents. Rumple gave into his dark side. Charming and Snow didn’t comfort a devastated Rumple. The righteous Snowing are hypocrites. Their inaction allowed Regina to continue her long history of mass murder.

They would give her a full pardon and welcome her back as family if she repented. She always responded with assassination attempts. But they never extended an olive branch to Rumple. He’s the reason they’re together in the first place. Had the product of true love and are now grandparents. They tolerate and manipulate him for their causes because he’s useful.

Regina’s failsafe would commit murder on a massive scale. If she escaped StoryBrooke and went to FTL with Henry what would happen? Kill the people who were left behind? Rule with an iron fist? Venture to another realm when she got bored?

The ugly: No two hour season finale. Not having the entire main and recurring casts fight to save StoryBrooke. And recap for the audience what some characters have been doing since we last saw them. Like who are and aren’t in relationships.