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Originally posted 9-1-2013 by myself on Examiner.com

OUAT’s ‘Second Star to the Right’ was directed by Ralph Hemecker. Writers were Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg.

In Victorian London, Young Baelfire (Dylan Schmid) exits the portal from FTL. He survives by stealing food whenever he can. He sees an open window and goes inside. He eats loafs of bread on the table until he’s caught. Wendy Darling (Freya Tingley) realizes the homeless boy is starving and offers him the entire tray of bread.

After quick introduction, she decides to hide him in her home. Dad is angry when he finds out weeks later. Mother practically adopts Bae after he says his parents are dead. He thrives having a new family of loving parents and siblings. Bad karma follows. A magical shadow creature has appeared to the children.

Wendy let herself be taken somewhere called Neverland. The creature brought her back because it wanted one of her brothers instead. Young Bae is horrified to learn it’s returning that night to collect. Young Bae then reveals the truth about his himself and the price of magic.

In SB, Greg (Ethan Embry) and Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green) stay two steps ahead of Emma (Jennifer Morrison). The Charming clan and Bae (Michael Raymond-James) still think she can’t deal with his impending marriage. Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) bails since Greg and Tamara aren’t helping him kill Rumple (Robert Carlyle). Greg is hell bent on learning what Regina (Lana Parrilla) did to his dad.

The good: The smack down between Emma and Tamara. We learned what happened to Young Baelfire. Rumple being himself. Bae tells off Rumple for ignoring him. Emma and Bae discuss the past then later admit they love each other. Bae learns the truth about the evil couple. Young Bae met Hook and Smee. Father daughter moment between Charming and Emma. Rumple tells Lacey about being The Dark One.

The trip to Neverland. Blue Superior healed Regina. Where else has magic made an appearance in our world? What if that brief exposure to Neverland made Wendy immortal? She then used the Darling fortune and financial investments to create the global anti magic organization The Home Office.

Recommend Amanda Tapping as Adult (redhead) Wendy Darling. Make her a combo of Samantha Carter and Dr. Helen Magnus. Scientist with Ph.D. in theoretical astrophysics. Expert researcher on supernatural and mythical creatures. Can we have J.R. Bourne as her second in command? Must have Carter and Martouf together again.

The bad: How could the boy who sacrificed himself to save strangers become a man who sent the love of his life to jail? Charming clan being rude to Belle er Lacey. Snow’s guilt pushed her to use a sync spell to find Regina.

The ugly: Tamara and Greg have the beans and failsafe. Greg tortured Regina. Tamara shot Bae.