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Originally posted 8-28-2013 by myself on Examiner.com

OUAT’s ‘Lacey’ was directed by Milan Cheylov. Writers were Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

In pre-curse FTL, Robin Hood (Tom Ellis) tries to steal a wand from the Dark Castle. He fails and pays the price. He’s freed by Belle (Emilie de Ravin) before Rumple (Robert Carlyle) kills him. A furious Rumple hunts him down and brings Belle along to witness Hood’s death.

Seeing Robin with a pregnant Marian reminds him of Milah (Rachel Shelley). Back when his wife loved him before his wartime injury. Belle’s statement about leaving a child fatherless reminds him of baby Baelfire. These are enough for him to spare Robin’s life.

In SB, The Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) gave Belle her false memories. And now she’s a tramp called Lacey. A woman who could give Ruby (Meghan Ory) fashion tips. Rumple tells Regina Bae (Michael Raymond-James) is his son. She’s so not happy.

Worse are Emma’s hints about leaving permanently with Henry (Jared S. Gilmore). Then she finds the Charming clan’s stash of magic portal beans. Realizing they plan to take everyone back to the Enchanted Forest. They also have two options in mind for Regina. She’ll be given the choice of staying in StoryBrooke or being held prisoner in Rumple’s old cell.

Seeing Belle as Lacey is devastating for Rumple. He tries to be good then gives into despair and his dark side. That she prefers this version of him initially unnerves him. He’s happy to have her in his life anyway he can.

The good: Rumple’s nightmare about killing Henry. Emilie de Ravin as Lacey. Belle finally got out of the hospital. RumBelle before they fell in love. Need more RumBelle flashbacks. Rumple’s poor impulse control and anger management issues. How did Lacey avoid pneumonia and frostbite? Robin Hood thought he had a chance against Rumple. Did you miss Jefferson more after seeing The Rabbit Hole?

Rumple’s reaction to Nottingham’s (Wil Traval) indecent proposal. A desperate Rumple asking Charming for more relationship advice. Love how Sassy Granny says what people are thinking. Will we see the love triangle between Robin Hood, Sheriff Nottingham and Maid Marian? Emma’s reunion with Anton. How Regina tracked down the location of the magic beans.

The bad: Maurice never visited Belle. Would he have felt guilty about what he did? Or filled her head with lies about Rumple? Which is worse? Crazy Belle or Lacey? Crazy Belle wanted nothing to do with Rumple. Lacey broke his heart. Charming and Snow manipulating Emma.

How could Belle not be even slightly afraid for her own life after Rumple tortured Robin? We’re supposed to believe Lacey isn’t a loose woman. Greg, Tamara and Hook.

The ugly: Lacey didn’t like Rumple until he beat someone with his cane. Anyone enter the Dark Castle since Rumple doesn’t have an alarm system.