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Originally posted 8-28-2013 by myself on Examiner.com

OUAT’s ‘Selfless, Brave and True’ was directed by Ralph Hemecker. Writers were Robert Hull and Kalinda Vazquez.

Back in Oct 2011, August (Eion Bailey) was living the good life. Then the curse gave him a wicked wake up call. One of his legs is reverting to wood. The Dragon (Tzi Ma) can cure what ails you for a price. His happens to be ten thousand and an irreplaceable personal item for a potion.

Broke August tries to figure out how to get the money when his prayers are answered. The woman we now know as Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green) is in town. She has an appointment with The Dragon and the necessary cold hard cash. He steals the dough, buys the potion then runs into angry Tamara.

Flash forward to the Big Apple. August meets up with Baelfire (Michael Raymond-James) to tell him his plans. His next stop is StoryBrooke to guide Emma (Jennifer Morrison) on her savior route. Tamara witnesses the entire exchange. Then she “accidently” bumps into Bae.

In SB, Tamara arrives and Bae invites her to spend some family time with him, Emma and Henry (Jared S. Gilmore). Emma tries not to act hurt. Tamara pretends everything is fine. Henry shows dad and his lady friend the book. Bae thinks trying to make the women bond is a good idea.

August struggles with being a woodpile of failure. Talking about himself helps Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) with some of her guilt. Snow tells Geppetto (Tony Amendola) his son is alive and will take him to him. But Tamara doesn’t want August telling anyone what he knows about her.

The good: Eion Bailey! The audience learns more about August. Tzi Ma as The Dragon. Sonequa Martin Green as the new witch in town. Geppetto admits his role in baby Emma being stranded in StoryBrooke. Emma using tough love in her pep talk with Charming. Seeing some of bandit Snow again.

The tear soaked family reunion. Regina’s blackened sole quip. Can people now locate StoryBrooke because they want to find it? Or is the town on maps, Google and etc for the world to see?

The bad: No cool Dragon transformation scene. Tamara setting up August and Bae. She’s one Taser happy chick. Why didn’t The Dragon restrain Tamara? Especially after he knew she was lying? How did she find Bae and August in the first place? Is the Fairy Godmother’s daughter or granddaughter? A regular person who got burned by magic? Tamara knowing about Henry’s book.

The ugly: Big reset button turned August into his younger self. No apology to Emma. No hanging out with Bae. No Big Brother or play uncle to Henry. Is Young Pinocchio Henry’s new playmate? Does Archie and Blue Superior help Young Pinocchio cope with the real world?