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Hannibal’s ‘Coquilles’ was directed by Guillermo Navarro. Writers were Scott Nimerfro and Bryan Fuller.

Will Graham’s (Hugh Dancy) torment manifests a new aspect: sleepwalking. The police find him on the highway at night. The raven feathered deer, spirit animal of the Chesapeake Ripper, is ever present in his mind. Wilson goes out with daddy to keep him company.

In the morning, Will retells the story to Dr. Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen). Hannibal makes them a cup of Joe in a fancy coffee maker. He doesn’t like how Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) pushes him to the edge. Why would he do this to someone he considers a friend? Is Jack staying in denial so he doesn’t have to think about repercussions?

Elliot Buddish (Seann Gallagher) has a peculiar affliction. He sees a certain couple with flames engulfing their heads like Ghost Rider. What does that mean? Death, apparently. This crime scene has even Jack wigged out. He’s all I’m cool on the outside while rattled within. He tries to warn Will before he enters. He’s like been there, done that, I’ll be fine. Then he crosses the threshold.

The previous mentioned couple is naked, knelt in prayer and covered in their own blood. Fishing lines hold their bodies upright. It also fans out flayed skin and muscle from their backs. The killer gave his victims angel wings.

Hannibal finally has Jack and his wife Phyllis “Bella” Crawford (Gina Torres) for dinner. They’re off the menu. Whom is served we’ll never know. Bella figured Hannibal deduced her secret. She goes to his office as a new patient. She can’t talk to Jack. He doesn’t know and she wants it to stay that way.

Another victim is displayed in an alley. The Angel Maker’s mind is betraying him. He feels helpless and no cares enough to save him. Will has had time to reflect since his afternoon session. He’s already experiencing what the killer is going through.

Jack’s badgering grades his nerves. It leads to an outburst that stuns the entire unit. Crawford, Beverly Katz (Hettienne Park), Brian Zeller (Aaron Abrams) and Jimmy Price (Scott Thompson) think he’s lost his mind.

The good: Love the props and sets. Does all the gorgeous food make you hungry? Do you worry about the mischief Lounds is making when she’s not around? Will we see more of Mrs. Crawford? Enjoy seeing the real life couple together onscreen. Twisted. Who thought of the bargaining chips?

Will snapped at Jack. The team’s self-preservation instincts kick in and they leave. Will has a death wish. And they want to live. The three of them won’t be able to pry Jack off him. Loved how in the beginning every time Will talked about the killer he was unknowingly describing himself.

The bad: Did Angel Maker commit suicide or was it Hannibal?

The ugly: Bella’s secret. Jack discovers why his wife is distant. Can hear Hannibal’s thinking. There’s so many ways he can use this to his advantage.