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Originally posted 3-14-2013 by myself on Examiner.com

‘The Return’ was directed by Paul Edwards. Writer was Jane Espenson. In pre-curse FTL, Baelfire (Dylan Schmid) is worried about his dad. The Dark One persona has corrupted Rumple (Robert Carlyle). The once kind man is deadly to anyone who mistreats his son.

Rumple is like an addict using magic for everything. Bae wants his father back. Rumple will only be free of the curse if he’s killed with the Dark One’s dagger. Bae vows to find another method. He goes so far as to enter a deal. If he finds a way to safely strip his powers, Rumple agrees to take it.

The Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy) answers Bae’s wish. She gives him a magic bean. A portal will deposit them in a land without magic. When they use the bean, Rumple doesn’t honor his part. He releases Bae and watches him fall through the portal.

The Dark One is devastated. He calls upon the Blue Fairy. She withholds information. He guesses it will take a curse. When she doesn’t respond he knows he’s correct. Finally she admits he’s right. But that’s something he will never accomplish.

In SB, August (Eion Bailey) acts suspicious and ends up on Rumple’s radar. Rumple discovers August has a drawing of the dagger. He starts tailing the writer. And sees him talking to Mother Superior (Keegan Connor Tracy). She tells Rumple August was unsure on how to speak to his estranged father.

The evidence drives Rumple to Dr. Hopper (Raphael Sbarge) for advice. He doesn’t know how to handle this reunion. Archie suggests that he be completely honest if he wants his son to forgive him.

When the time arrives, Rumple bares his soul. Only to learn August is an imposter. He wanted the dagger to control the Dark One. He’s dying and needs magic to survive. But he didn’t think to ask for help.

The good: Rumple’s emotional apology to the man he thought was his long lost son. How could you not cry or feel like someone ripped your heart out witnessing that performance by Robert Carlyle?

The bad: August honestly thought using Rumple would somehow make him an ally? Raise your hand if you knew the cart driver and mute maid would be killed. So sad when the other kids cleared out with Bae showed up. Glad Morraine stayed his friend.

If the Blue Fairy is all powerful why didn’t she stop the Ogre Wars? Rescue kids or something? She was mighty shifty when she gave Bae that bean. Was she lying then also?

The ugly: August, how could you? Rumple has been looking for Bae forever. As far as we know Rumple never did anything to you. August didn’t learn all those details without help. So is he working for Regina, Blue Fairy or Jefferson? Is there someone else who remembers their FTL life?