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Hannibal’s ‘Potage’ was directed by David Slade. Writers were David Fury, Chris Brancato and Bryan Fuller.

When Abigail Hobbs (Kacey Rohl) wakes, Dr. Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas) delivers clothes and bad news. Abigail doesn’t seem too broken up that her parents are dead. She wants to sell the old homestead and use the money for college tuition.

Alana reports her observations to Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne). Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) is also present for the meeting. Alana says she’s hiding something. Jack hears the phrase accomplice with a guilty conscience. Hannibal doesn’t have enough data to form an opinion. He’s pleased at the amount of attention the FBI is giving his art.

Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Lector interrupt Fredricka “Freddie” Lounds’ (Lara Jean Chorostecki) visit. She tells Abigail not to trust Will since he’s insane and not a real FBI Agent. Lounds can’t resist twisting the knife. She apologizes for her conduct, asks for an interview then threats to make his life miserable.

She arranges a meet and greet with Nicholas Boyle (Mark Rendall). His sister was the girl impaled on antlers and displayed in an open field. She tells him Abigail woke up. Hoping to provoke a confrontation and get the story later. Lector, Graham and Bloom take Abigail back home.

They think she can give them further insight into the murders. Only the idea of the copycat disturbs her. She’s too clever for her own good. A statement she makes about reenacting the crime reveals to Hannibal she knows he warned her dad.

Nicholas Boyle tries to provoke a fight with Miss Hobbs. He’s chased away before anything happens. She’s taken to the cabin next. They find another victim of the copycat in the attic. The second girl was her best friend. Lector witnessed her being rude to her mother. He doesn’t tolerate foul language.

Alana and Hannibal escort Abigail home to pack her belongings. And who’s there to greet them? Miss Lounds looking for dirt. Nicholas Boyle wants answers. Abigail “accidently” kills him. Lector knocks out Dr. Bloom, hides the body then frames Boyle for the copycat murders.

The good: Bloom as a buffer between Crawford and Graham. Jack bulldozes his way through opinions and reservations about Miss Hobbs. Hannibal drops clues to his true nature. How long will it take them to connect the dots? He’s unflappable, two steps ahead of everyone and adjusts to unexpected situations as they occur.

Favorite line: Miss Pounds, you’re on the wrong side of the police tape. The phrase having someone for dinner takes on new meaning. What provoked Hannibal into killing his secretary?

The bad: Did Abigail help Dad kill the others so she would be spared? Lounds keeps pressing people’s buttons. She’s going to antagonize the wrong person. She’s one misstep away from lock up or a body bag. Who will have the honor first? Crawford or Lector?

The ugly: Did Hobbs train his daughter so he could later enjoy the thrill of hunting her in the woods?