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‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society’ is the 2006 anime directed by Kenji Kamiyama. Screenwriters are Masamune Shirow, Kenji Kamiyama, Shotaro Suga and Yoshiki Sakurai. Based on the manga by Masamune Shirow.

Major Motoko Kusanagi is a free agent having left Section 9. Batou is second in command to Togusa. Section 9 juggles a threat from another hacker extraordinary called the ‘Puppeteer’. He’s hacking people only to make them commit suicide. Meanwhile there has been an epidemic of kidnappings. Children going missing at an alarming rate.

The ‘Puppeteer’ led Section 9 to a conspiracy by the Noble Rot Senior Citizens. Elderly men and women whose entire medical needs are attended to by machines. These people have no human contact except through cyberspace. They’ve been left to die alone in their homes. NRSC are hooked to cyberspace. Rather than let the government take their assets after death, they came up with a plan.

They accessed records to locate abused and neglected children. Hacked the cyber brains of their parents. Forced them to take their kid to a cyber brain implant facility. After their arrival, both are give false memories. The parent’s return home thinking their son or daughter has been kidnapped. While the child becomes an heir of a NRSC.

The good: NRSC intentions were good. Sad to think they were the last man standing. Forgotten and abandoned by the world at large. Why didn’t they upload their minds into cyberspace and live forever? The glimpse into Togusa’s family life. Section 9 operative following and supporting Togusa as their team leader. Batou still the same grumpy middle aged man.

The bad: Tying the suicides to the Siak Republic gave Section 9 an excuse to kick in doors and blow stuff up. What if the suicides were the upper management of a terrorist cell? Or every crime boss in the city? The audience could follow the war on crime and not get lost.

What if a large percentage of the kidnapped children were related to either group? Then it would be a two for one deal. Criminal organizations would be wiped out. The children would be removed from those environments. Plus given a clean slate with a new identity.

The Major didn’t really have a purpose. She showed up occasionally was cryptic then left. Nope that’s wrong. She has a collection of spare bodies that she multitasks in her version of Section 9. What kind of anti-surveillance program is she running? Alarms didn’t go off at her old job whenever her twin was in public?

The ugly: The villain is a Puppetmaster/Project 2501 copycat. Interweaving the Siak Republic, bio warfare with micromachine virus, Seishomin Welfare Center’s agenda, children as carriers and heirs of NRSC makes your head spin. NRSC going after Togusa’s daughter to get to him.