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Originally posted 2-22-2013 by myself on Examiner.com

‘Felony’ is the 1995 film directed and written by David A. Prior. Starring Jeffrey Combs, Lance Henriksen, Cory Everson, Joe Don Baker, Leo Rossi, David Warner, Charles Napier, Red West and Ashley Laurence.

Reporter Bill Knight (Jeffrey Combs) and cameraman/editor Robby (Pat Gallagher) for reality show “Red Light“ are at the wrong place at the right time. A joint D.E.A. and police task force storm a house used by drug traffickers. They walk into an ambush. Knight and Robby filmed everything. Tait (Lance Henriksen) owns the city. Cooper (David Warner) is his right hand man.

Tait wants the evidence back at all costs. Sondra (Cory Everson) is Tait’s woman. Chief Edwards (Red West) assigns Detectives Duke (Charles Napier) and Kincade (Leo Rossi) as leads on the case. The injured Knight is taken to the hospital. He tells Robby to hide the tape. Nurse Laura Bryant (Ashley Laurence) and Knight flirt. She arrived with discharge papers and a wheelchair.

Hit men disguised as MDs arrive at the hospital. Duke and Kincade inadvertently save Knight’s life. They intercept Bryant in the corridor. They enter a storage room for an impromptu interrogation. The hit men don’t catch Knight inside. But they shoot up his cab on the street. Knight’s chased on foot, shot then saved by government agent Donovan (Joe Don Baker). Who also wants Knight and the evidence.

Rouge CIA agents turned to crime. To accumulate weapons, drugs and money for a project. Bartering those possessions for agents held hostage in Latin America. Robby is a mole. But he sells a sex tape to Cooper. He’s shot and lives long enough to give Knight Intell. The blood stained Knight is now wanted for murder.

He enlists Bryant for help and medical treatment. Turns out Donovan wasn’t lying. Tait is a CIA deputy director. He uses the police to eliminate Cooper and secure the tape. So many double crosses it’ll make your head spin.

The good: Watch fan favorite character actors’ scheme, plot and lie their way out of situations. Loved Tait’s line about how much money it would take to make Donovan a better American. Tait said Sondra didn’t like it when people hurt him. Thought he’d finish that statement with, “That’s her job”. Happy Knight and Bryant drove off into the sunset. Surprise: Knight is FBI.

The bad: Why didn’t anyone check the house’s second floor? Why didn’t Cooper or Tait know there would be TV crew onsite? Why did the Police Chief reveal crucial evidence on air? Bad guys watch TV too. Some of the action scenes make no sense.

The ugly: Wasting Cory Everson. Robby shooting a driver to create a car crash distraction. Everyone used Knight for target practice. The director enjoyed filming at the strip club. How are people finding Knight? Did he have a GPS tracker? Bryant sleeping with Knight to help him relax.