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Originally posted 1-18-2013 by myself on Examiner.com

‘Doctor Mordrid’ is the 1992 film directed by Albert & Charles Band. Screenwriter was C. Courtney Joyner. Starring Jeffrey Combs, Jay Acovone, Brian Thompson and Yvette Nipar.

Sorcerer Anton Mordrid (Jeffrey Combs) is sorta like Doctor Who. He’s a being from another world or dimension. He acts as Earth’s protector from dark forces. It’s unknown if magic keeps him from aging or if he’s immortal. He’s stood watch on Earth for 150 years.

Anton Mordrid’s known this time around as a criminal psychologist and an occult expert. He also earns income as the landlord of the building he lives in. Mordrid keeps a low profile. No-one knows he’s the owner. Tenant Samantha Hunt (Yvette Nipar) is a research consultant for local law enforcement.

Mordrid’s version of the Master is another sorcerer named Kabal (Brian Thompson). He’s bent on unleashing demons to create a Hell on Earth. Ages ago, he was captured and chained outside the gate to Hell. Something happened which allowed him to escape. In order to open the gate, Kabal must gather select objects.

When these specific elements are combined that they will create a trans-dimensional beacon. That will open Hell’s gate. Mordrid was sent to prevent this. So when certain events start happening around the world, Mordrid knows Kabal has escaped. Hunt attends one of Mordrid’s occult seminars.

When supernatural related stuff suddenly break out in town. She next refers Detective Tony Gaudio (Jay Acovone) to Mordrid. But the plan backfires. The overzealous cop arrests him instead. Kabal takes advantage of this. He sends a minion to kill Mordrid while he’s in jail. Mordrid tells Hunt the truth about who and what he is.

He escapes with her assistance. To protect Hunt he makes the police think he kidnapped her. The trans-dimensional beacon is enacted. Hell’s gate force field is weakening. Mordrid and Kabal duke it out with magic. Kabal is killed. Mordrid deactivates the beacon. The force field reactivates and the gate closes. Trapping the demons inside. Earth is saved.

The good: The entire cast had great chemistry. Everyman Jeffrey Combs plays Mordrid as a lonely highly educated eccentric who happens to be an alien wizard. Coombs and Nipar were an awesome on-screen couple. What were their lives like after the film? How did they fix the kidnapping charge?

Acovone and Thompson were perfect as well in their roles. Both played off well against Combs. Gaudio probably still holds a grudge against Mordrid. Love to hear the snark on that. Bring Kabal back. He was twisted and fun. He waived between trying to kill Mordrid and bringing him over to the dark side.

The bad: Some of Kabal’s minions were smarter than others. Working for Kabal was signing your own death warrant.

The ugly: No sequel. Reunite the original cast of Combs, Acovone, Thompson and Nipar in a present day follow up.