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Originally posted by myself 12-21-2012 on Examiner.com

‘Brotherhood of the Wolf’ is the 2001 film directed by Christophe Gans. Screen-writers are Christophe Gans and Stephane Cabal. Starring Mark Dacascos, Samuel Le Bihan, Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci.

This pre-French Revolution corset movie incorporates a true story, fantasy, myth, horror, thriller and martial arts. While these genres sound like they should never belong together they work beautifully. The Beast of Gevaudan is slaughtering citizens across several lands. No-one is safe. The wealthy, peasants and children have been its victims.

The police have been helpless to stop its rampage. The people demand justice. And their cries have been heard by the Monarch. Knight and royal taxidermist Gregoire de Fronsac (Samuel Le Bihan) and Iroquois warrior Mani (Mark Dacascos) are sent to investigate. They are also told to return with the stuffed creature as a present for King Louis XV of France. But dark forces are against them.

A conspiracy by the secret society of Brotherhood of the Wolf has been using the murders to overthrown the King. The Vatican sent Italian spy Sylvia (Monica Bellucci) to learn the truth as well. She has been posing as a courtesan at a local brothel. Jean-Francois Morangias (Vincent Cassel) struggles to readjust to normalcy after his experiences abroad. This includes him fighting his unnatural desire for his sister.

Bosoms constantly threaten to spill over in this over the top drama. It’s an unpredictable wild ride you’re sure to enjoy.

The good: The action choreography and fight scenes. Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci. Jean-Francois’ cool bone weapon. The costumes. The countryside. The set locations.

The bad: That tart who’s responsible for a death.

The ugly: A certain someone’s untimely death. Which makes any sequel impossible? Maybe a prequel.