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Originally posted by myself 12-21-2012 on Examiner.com

‘Crying Freeman’ is the 1995 film directed by Christophe Gans. Screenwriters were Christophe Gans, Thierry Cazals, Roger Avary and Laurie Finstad-Knizhnik. Based on the manga by Kazuo Koike and Ryoichi Ikegami.

Starring Mark Dacascos, Julie Condra, Bryon Mann, Mako, Tchéky Karyo, Yoko Shimada, Masaya Kato and Rae Dawn Chong. Ignore the plot and concentrate on Mark. There are too many twists and turns to count.

Emu O’Hara (Julie Condra) is the sole witness to a hit on a Yakuza member. She runs into the assassin Yo aka Crying Freeman (Mark Dacascos) when she attempts to flee. Crying Freeman completes another contract before going after O’Hara. But instead of killing her, he defies orders and allows her to live. The Hakushin Society’s leader is Shido Shimazaki (Mako). Crying Freeman murdered his son. Then he takes him out.

Unknown to the assassin, he’s a pawn being used to ignite a war between the Hakushin Society (Yakuza) and The Sons of the Dragons (Chinese Triad). Next Crying Freeman and O’Hara are targets of both groups. Ryuji (Masaya Kato) and his wife Kimie (Yoko Shimada) Hanada plot to eliminate Crying Freeman and become the new leaders of the Hakushin Society.

The good: Dacascos’ crazy skills. Dacascos battling his on screen nemesis from ‘Drive’ Masaya Kato. The entire Hokkaido segment at Yo’s home. The late great Mako. Byron Mann.

The bad: The convoluted plot.

The ugly: Never being released in America. No sequel.