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Originally posted by myself 12-20-12 on Examiner.com

‘Drive’ is the 1998 cult classic directed by Steve Wang. Screenwriter is Scott Philips. Starring Mark Dacascos, Kadeem Hardison, Brittany Murphy, John Pyper-Ferguson, Tracey Walter and Masaya Kato.

See the criminally under rated Mark Dacascos in his martial arts showcase film. Blink and you miss something. Awesome. Mark PLEASE do more showcase films!

The bio-tech Leung Corporation implanted a top secret prototype into the chest of employee Toby Wong (Mark Dacascos). He goes to LA to sell the device to one of their rivals the Contact Corporation. Malik Brody (Kadeem Hardison) is someone he kidnaps then befriends. Wong will split his five million dollar payout with Brody in exchange for his help.

Dacascos and Hardison are a great team. He was funny. His reactions were hilarious. The airhead hyperactive man crazy Deliverance Bodine (Brittany Murphy) was a treat. The Advanced Model (Masaya Kato) was a memorable villain.

The good: The action choreography. The stunt team. The sight gags in several fights. The genius pairing of John Pyper-Ferguson and Tracey Walter. Wong telling Brody to get his act together through song.

The bad: Being direct to video. Limited airing on tv and cable. No present day sequel.

The ugly: Not getting the roles he deserves. Nothing in a Zhang Yimou or Donnie Yen movie.