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Originally posted by myself 12-23-2012 on Examiner.com

‘I am omega’ is the 2007 film directed by Griff Furst. Screenwriter is Geoff Meed. Starring Mark Dacascos, Geoff Meed, Jennifer Lee Wiggins and Ryan Lloyd. Based on I am Legend by Richard Matheson. Cashing in on the zombie craze, ‘I am omega’ also borrows from the Will Smith film ‘I am legend’.

It’s a gripping movie about a man’s descent into madness in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Richard (Mark Dacascos) relives how he assumed his wife and son died. He numbs himself with medication. A large daily cocktail to counteract his audio and visual hallucinations. The audio hallucinations aren’t command in nature.

His encounters with the unaffected are rare events. This is why he’s very suspicious of Vincent (Geoff Meed) and Mike (Ryan Lloyd). They claim to be from the safe haven of Antioch. Where other survivors are rumored to live. They seek his help in rescuing Briana (Jennifer Lee Wiggins).

Who is trapped somewhere in the downtown area. When Richard doesn’t come willing they blow up his house then take him at gunpoint. They know he rigged explosives throughout the city. But they don’t know when they will detonate. It’s literally a race against to the clock to grab the girl then escape the city limits.

The good: Showing Dacascos grieving, suicidal and as a goofy drunk. Geoff Meed. One of the places you may have seen him is ‘Little miss sunshine’. He blew off Greg Kinnear’s character as the scruffy leather jacket dude in the audience.

The perimeter early warning system. Creepy zombies. Love that Richard’s workout session was being used as a way to fight memories of the past. The lime green convertible. Partial zombie Richard. Vincent hanging out with his dead buddy Mike.

The bad: The shadow of a crew member is seen in a shot. It’s near the beginning when Richard exterminates unwanted guests in the front yard. Did he avoid responding to Skype because he thought it was another hallucination? Richard’s check scars switching sides.

Drywall visible as the sewer walls. Richard looking better after he killed Vincent. If any little sound could alert the zombies, why didn’t they come running during arguments? Driving a convertible through a zombie plague.

The ugly: No sequel. Didn’t Richard say no live gunfire in the sewer? Briana leaving Richard in the parking garage. Vincent is so wrong for putting dead Mike into position with Briana. Vincent loving the world as it is. Vincent shooting Richard and leaving him to be eaten. The corvette appearing out of nowhere in the junkyard.