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Originally posted by myself 12-18-12 on Examiner.com

‘Wicked City’ is the 1987 anime film originally released in Japan. It came to America in 1993. Directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Screenwriter was Kisei Choo. Based on the novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi.

In this reality, humans and mutants co-exist. The mutants, who appear human, are called Black Worlders. But this isn’t known to the general public. Weird and strange events are explained away. Evidence is destroyed and etc. Black Worlders access Earth through a transdimensional portal. Humans and Black Worlders were at war for centuries. Eventually both sides came to a cease fire.

A joint top secret spy agency called the Black Guard is the peacekeepers. Every one or two hundred years delegates meet on Earth. They revise and update several key points in the treaty. Now a new treaty will be signed soon. Nothing must interfere with this event. Two Black Guards are assigned protection detail. The agents this time around are Taki Renzaburo and Makie.

Superiors told them Mr. Guiseppi Mayart is crucial to the peace talks. There’s a good Intel a terrorist Black World group called The Radicals will make an assassination attempt. Well that’s the cover story anyway. The truth is Mayart is there to protect them. Human and Black World governments want a hybrid child. Figuring this is the best way to unite the species.

Scientists have been conducting genetic tests for centuries. Both sides agree Renzaburo and Makie should be able to conceive. The Radicals are disgusted by the idea. Renzaburo and Makie are the real targets.

If only they had focused more on the spy aspect. The attention to detail and fights are great. But the sexist language, repeat violence against women and rape scenes are a turnoff. People might find the reveal of the spider woman after the opening love scene and the subsequent fights disturbing.