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OUAT in Wonderland’s ‘The Serpent’ was directed by Ralph Hemecker. Writer was Jan Nash.

In past Wonderland, Young Jafar (Anthony Keyvan) works for the local Blacksmith. The man is verbally and possibly physically abusive. Anything that goes wrong is the boy’s fault. Starvation is a frequent punishment. One day Young Jafar notices the populace cowing in fear. Someone powerful approaches the section of the market where he works. Many flee rather than be in their presence.

Amara (Zuleikha Robinson) is a sorceress who loves snakes. She’s quite knowledgeable on venom, poisons and the healing arts. She’s surprised when he dares to look her in the eye. The boy is bold and seeks her out at her house. He wants revenge for being shunned and abandoned by his biological father The Sultan, ruler of Agrabah. That is a cause she can get behind. She takes him as her apprentice.

Years later, Jafar (Naveen Andrews) asks when will he be ready. Amara has refused to teach him anything in her spell book. Then she suddenly remarks they need a liver for a masking spell. She poisons a friend of his then offers a choice. Give him the remedy and save his life. Or let him die and be one step closer to his revenge.

The key to ultimate power are genies. Collect three bottles and they can change the laws of magic. Bonnie and Clyde collect two bottles over the course of years. When a third is rumored to be in Agrabah, Jafar makes his move against Amara. There’s only room at the top for one person.

In present Wonderland, Jafar gives the Red Queen (Emma Rigby) an assign-ment. Since Knave (Michael Socha) is no longer useful she should have no problem killing him. Meanwhile, Alice (Sophie Lowe) and Knave find themselves on the run from The Caterpillar’s (Iggy Pop) debt collectors. They’re sorta like the goon squad.

Knave torched the Forget Me Not and the criminal wants payment. No-one is more surprised than he is when Red Queen knocks out his would be captors. She throws him into a cell in her dungeon. Alice runs into one of Knave’s friends. Lizard aka Lizabeth (Lauren McKnight) is a debt collector. But she wants to rescue Will. Jafar is furious. He demands a public execution to show the price for helping Alice.

The good: Raise your hand if you recognized Ben Cotton as Stargate’s love to hate him Dr. Peter Kavanagh. How did Tweedledum and Tweedledee get involved with Red Queen? Did they already work at the palace? When will RQ find out one is a mole? When will Jafar put the White Rabbit on his payroll? Lizard as Knave’s play sister. Love her Merry Man like outfit. Alice punched RQ.

The bad: Amara is Cora. They were made for each other. How will RQ protect herself from Jafar? Knave frozen in carbonite err stone. Did Amara really love Jafar? Who was she before she became evil?

The ugly: What Jafar did to Amara. Will she ever get her revenge?