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OUAT in Wonderland’s ‘Trust Me’ was directed by Romeo Tirone. Writer was Rina Mimoun.

In past Wonderland, Cyrus (Peter Gadiot) gave Alice (Sophie Lowe) three wishes. They resemble blood red diamonds. He explains the rules. He can’t kill, bring someone back from the dead, alter the past or make people fall in love. After the last wish is granted the genie is returned to his bottle to await his next master or mistress.

Wishing for his freedom doesn’t work and the repercussions are terrible for both parties. She vows to never use her wishes. They hide his bottle so he won’t be enslaved to another. With those last two conditions met, Cyrus is free to live as he chooses. Cyrus teaches Alice about Wonderland and trains her as a swordswoman to help her survive.

In present Wonderland, Alice and Knave (Michael Socha) have a problem. There’s a lake between them and the missing Cyrus. They summon a ferry by clapping and fairy Silvermist (Jordana Largy) appears. Knave and Silvermist were an item at one point and she harbors resentment. She nearly refuses to help because of him but he asks her not to take it out on his friend. She needs her help.

Cyrus has company in Jafar’s (Naveen Andrews) dungeon of cells hanging over a seemingly bottomless pit. There’s Old prisoner (Brian George). He tells him resistance is futile. He tries to occupy his mind with chess and conversation.

Knave is Han Solo. He’s in deep to their Jabba the Hut called The Caterpillar (Iggy Pop). People want him dead or in prison. Even his friends might turn him to collect the bounty on his head. Knave went to the darkside after his beloved Anastasia broke his heart. The pain and possible betrayal caused him to remove and hide his heart. So no-one could ever hurt him again.

White Rabbit (John Lithgow) is a double agent. He’s the Red Queen’s (Emma Rigby) bunny. She’s blackmailing him for details on everything Alice and Knave think, say or do. Who or what does RQ hold captive? Things go from bad to worse when Jafar forces RQ to reveal the location of Cyrus’s bottle.

The good: Will Knave add to Alice’s skillset? Mock Turtle. Love Knave’s references to the modern world. Love the magical psychic paper. Genie disarmed by a kiss. Knave can’t sleep because Alice was thinking loudly. Cyrus repeats a line from Bernard Rose’s Immortal Beloved.

Is there a genie support group or something? Does Cyrus know, met or heard of Giancarlo Esposito’s character? Very appropriate Jafar’s companion is a snake. During the next crossover, can we have a verbal smackdown between Grumpy and Knave? What happened to the RQ’s King?

The bad: Is Silvermist like Blue Superior? Red Queen taunting Jafar isn’t smart. He’s dying to kill her. Who is Anastasia? The perfect circular hole should’ve been their first clue. Jafar clearing RQ’s schedule. Jafar stole the scarabs from Stephen Sommers’ The Mummy.

The ugly: White Rabbit being forced to betray his friends.