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OUAT in Wonderland’s ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ was directed by Alex Zakrewski. Writers were Adam Nussdorf and Rina Minoun.

In present Wonderland, The Red Queen (Emma Rigby) wants to high tail it out of Wonderland pronto. Now that she, Knave (Michael Socha), Alice (Sophie Lowe) and Cyrus (Peter Gadiot) are together again. She’s terrified of what Jafar (Naveen Andrews) will do once he has all three genie bottles.

Cyrus throws a monkey wrench into their plan. The other genies are his long lost brothers. They were cursed together. He didn’t know Jafar had them as well. Alice agrees they should stay. Happy endings shouldn’t only be for them. Everyone in Wonderland deserves a happy ever after. The gang decides they can cover more ground by splitting up.

Knave knows how to party. Everyone in the village is sleeping off a night of drinking. A hangover is the least of their worries. The Jabberwocky (Peta Sergeant) is on a fact finding mission. She brings someone out of their alcohol induced slumber for Q & A. Her creepy little interrogation scares a man to death. She removes someone’s eyes are a present for Jafar. He can use them for a spell.

RQ talks Knave into taking her to see White Rabbit (John Lithgow). She wonders why he doesn’t believe she’s changed especially after her apology in a heartfelt speech. He’s about to ask her to leave when she mentions Jafar has released The Jabberwocky. The bunny nearly passes out. He agrees to tell the populace the battle for Wonderland is on.

Alice and Cyrus seek the well of wonders. Its water can free his brothers. The original is in Agrabah and would take days to reach. RQ reveals there is one locally.

In past Wonderland, Cyrus was quite the rouge before he became a genie. He was a con artist (he cheated at cards) and impulsive thrill seeker who often dragged his brothers Taj (Raza Jaffrey) and Rafi (Dejan Loyola) into his misadventures. Cyrus’s latest victim vows vengeance.

Their mother Amara (Zuleikha Robinson) suffers as a result. Cyrus decides to use magic to save her. Water from the well of wonders is said to be extremely powerful. The well’s guardian Nix (Leah Gibson) tells the brothers they have two choices. Return the water or pay the price.

The good: Surprises galore! Cyrus was like Knave when he was human. Amara is his mom. A family reunited. Will we see Taj and Rafi again? Homage to the Japanese horror film Ring.

Best Lines: I’m particularly fond of the bit where you get the genies out of the bottles. I like a girl who thinks on her feet. Has she completely lost her mind? Don’t be so scared okay? Well, stop scaring me, then.

The bad: Cyrus and his brothers angered the dead girl in a well then tried to outsmart her. Didn’t they know the rules? You can’t reason with vengeful sprits.

The ugly: Why does Jafar want the bottles in the first place?


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